Our Log Homes

Why a Coyote Handcrafted Log Home?

At Coyote Log Homes, our philosophy is simple – the logs we use are left as natural as possible.

The unique topography of each individual log adds unmatched character and beauty. To preserve each log’s story we don’t change the size or shape; instead, we work with the natural tapers of the wood and embrace these differences. We celebrate this look by incorporating them into the construction of your home. The fact that every log is different ensures the uniqueness and one-of-a-kind nature of your dream home.

Expertly Crafted, Custom Built Log Homes

In fact, that’s one of the true appeals of a handcrafted log home – it truly is a work of art, and there’s no other home like it in the entire world!

Yes, a custom-built, handcrafted log home costs more than a manufactured, milled, or packaged log kit.

But you’re paying for the uniqueness, the care and skill of the expert craftsmanship, and the overall quality of the work – all of which are well worth the investment to see your dream home come true.

Click here to learn more about “The Coyote Way” and what sets us apart from other log home builders across Canada.

Our Log Home Construction Styles

When some people think of log cabins, they often think of a stereotypical “shack in the woods”. This couldn’t be further from the truth – thanks to our expert log home designers and craftsmen, you can experience the natural feeling of living in a handcrafted log home while still keeping all of the conveniences and amenities of a modern luxury home.

While the majority of our log homes for sale are constructed using the full scribe fit method (also known as Scandinavian style) combined with the industry standard overscribing technique, we are also experienced in the following log home construction methods:

  • Dovetail
  • Piece-en-Piece
  • Round Log Chinked
  • Round Log Post and Beam
  • Timber Frame

For more details about these log building techniques, please see our log home glossary.