Log Accents

Custom Log Accents

A log accent is a great way to add an interesting new element to your home.

Whether you are searching for something small like a log carving or perhaps more elaborate like a full log porch or portico, Coyote Log Homes can create a unique custom accessory that will truly set your home apart.
All of our log accents are expertly constructed using handcrafted/scribed or mortise and tenon joinery.

To ensure the best outcome, a Coyote Log Homes representative will be delighted to visit your home to correctly measure your space for the perfect sized design for all of our log accent projects.

Decorative Log Trusses

An essential part of the home, trusses create the skeleton for a roof system. Impress visitors to your home with a decorative, structural or non-structural log truss. We can construct your truss from either half logs or full logs, and can build your truss in a variety of designs and concepts. Whichever design you choose, Coyote Log Homes can bring it to life.

Construction: Depends on size and quantity. On average, a truss takes 1 day to build.
Installation: 1-2 days.
Average Cost: Depends on size and quantity.

Log Porches

Bring the natural beauty of rustic wood logs to your outdoor seating area. Relax outside of your dream home with a beautiful log porch system. Features of our custom porches include complete log posts and beams, as well as log rafters milled for roof pitch. Coyote Log Homes will measure the space to ensure a perfect construction.

Construction: 1 week.
Installation: 1 day.
Average Cost: Depends on size, quantity, and required log components.

Log Porticos / Porte-Cocheres

A more detailed version of the log porch, porticos and porte-cocheres are more complex structures that often lead into the entrance of a building. Our stunning porticos and porte-cocheres include log posts and beams, log trusses, and log rafters milled for roof pitch. Create an impressive sight at any entrance of the property. Our popular Saguenay model comes with a drive-through log portico for your vehicle, standard!  

Construction: 1-2 weeks (depends on size and complexity of portico).
Installation: 1 day.
Average Cost: Depends on size, quantity, and required log components.

Character Logs

A handcrafted character log can add more personality to your custom log home. A character log can include natural shapes such as burl logs, curved logs, and “Y”-shaped logs, as well unique knots and scars – all of which can add an interesting accent to a beam, truss, carving or fireplace in your log home. A character log adds charm to any space, certain to become your favourite talking point with guests. 

Construction: 2 days.
Installation: 1 day.
Average Cost: Depends on size, quantity, and required log components.

Log Carvings & Reliefs

It’s your home – so make it your own with a personalized log carving! Our professional carvers use chainsaws, chisels, and various hand tools to carve bears, eagles, landscapes, trains … whatever you want, we can create it!  Provide us with a sketch, picture, or magazine clipping and we’ll reproduce it in a beautiful freestanding carving or relief. To truly make your carving your own, it can also fully painted or coloured using a specialized wood burning technique.

Construction: 3 days.
Average Cost: Starting at $500.