Log Home Buying Process

The Coyote Log Homes Buying  Process

At Coyote Log Homes, we work with you every step of the way to make sure you end up with the custom-built log home of your dreams.

When you decide to buy a handcrafted log home from us, we use the following process:

Step 1
Establish a Budget

Using our log home cost calculator, determine your maximum home budget and approximate living space that you can afford.

Step 2
Put Together a Wish List

Start by flipping through log home magazines and books and cutting out pictures that appeal to you, and then organizing all of these clippings in a folder for quick reference. Next, you’ll have to reduce your pile of clippings by separating your needs and wants, which are ultimately decided by your budget.

You may also want to use our log home floor plan book, which contains exclusive designs created by world-renowned log cabin designer and architect Murray Arnott, to help you decide on the features you may want to include in your home.

Once you have your wish list pared down to a realistic set of log home features, you can begin to think about the general shape and floor plan of your log home.

Step 3
Schedule a Meeting with Coyote Log Homes

This initial meeting will allow us to review your plans, give you feedback on your ideas, and answer all of your questions regarding the log home building process. A second meeting at your home site will also be scheduled, where our designer will be able to check out your property to get a better feel for how your ideas can be incorporated with the “lay of the land” during the creation of the detailed floor plan.

Step 4
Develop Preliminary Log Home Floor Plans

At this stage, our designer will put your ideas into action. A floor plan and several elevation drawings of your log home will be developed and presented for your review. This will be the time to make any changes before we produce a complete set of construction blueprints. These preliminary drawings will also allow us to provide you with a complete estimate on the cost of the log work. As a general rule, plan on budgeting at least $1,000 for the design work that goes into these preliminary plans.

Once you are completely satisfied with the preliminary plans, our designer will then produce a full set of construction plans and specifications.

Step 5
Sign Contract with Coyote Log Homes

Once the contract is signed, our team of skilled craftsmen can begin building your handcrafted log home!

Step 6
Payment Schedule

Our fees are collected in five payments during the completion of your project. The payment percentage will vary depending on on the size and length of your custom build.

A typical breakdown of how our fees are collected is as follows:

  • 25% due upon signing of contract;
  • 20% due upon commencement of the log shell work;
  • 20% due once the log shell has reached six feet in average height or five rounds of logs;
  • 25% due once the log shell is complete in our yard;
  • 10% due upon delivery and assembly on your property.