Top 10 Reasons Why Handcrafted Log Homes are Better than Milled Systems

By Gordon Merritt

Featured in: GLLCA Newsletter, Spring 2007

  1. Carefully hand selected seasoned logs.
  2. All logs are carefully hand-peeled and treated prior to installation.
  3. No exposed butt joints, which eliminates the potential for air infiltration.
  4. Larger log systems than milled systems provide a thermal mass, which provides better insulation properties and reduces the need for further insulation.
  5. All joinery is designed to be self-draining, eliminating the opportunity for water infiltration and damage.
  6. Offers a more unique home using the natural characteristics of the wood as the feature.
  7. A better value in terms of holding value and application.
  8. The fitting of a full scribe home offers a tighter fit and is better in regards to interlocking saddle notched corners.
  9. Built by true craftsmen with a keen sense of skill. Every home is unique and one of a kind.
  10. Full-length logs offer more strength as opposed to multiple length logs put together.