Our History

Coyote Log Homes History

The Coyote Log Homes story begins in 1998 when Daniel and Shelley Albert, fresh out of university, embarked a cross-country bike trip from Alaska to Toronto.

Carrying nothing but backpacks and camping gear as they travelled across Canada, the small towns, unique homes, and beautiful landscapes they saw made them realize that they didn’t want to live and work in the big city for the rest of their lives.

“Along the way we came upon many log homes, and in the beginning they were like any other building to me,” says Daniel. “That is, until we actually stayed in one and I studied how it was constructed. I was instantly drawn to it and wanted to learn more about log homes.”

Once the couple arrived back in Ontario, Daniel spent the next several weekends collecting driftwood and crafting a log bed from scratch, without any plans or previous experience.

From that moment he was hooked, and he officially started his log home building career when he enrolled in a Log Home Building program. Passionate about log building he took to the craft very quickly, and was soon hired by log builders in Shawville, Quebec and Cobden, Ontario.

“I’ve always loved working with my hands and working with wood,” Daniel says. “Building log homes was the perfect fit for me. I finally found what I wanted to do in life.”

Coyote Log Homes History

Following in His Father’s Footsteps

While working in Cobden, Daniel drove through Barry’s Bay, Ontario on several occasions, passing by a lot for sale on Highway 60 that would eventually become Coyote Log Homes. In September 2001 he took the plunge and bought the property, starting his own log home building business from scratch.

“My Dad’s a successful entrepreneur, and I always wanted to try to follow in his footsteps,” Daniel says.

From Barry’s Bay to the Entire World

Starting with just two employees in 2001, we now have a staff of more 15 log builders and labourers, and have formed valuable industry partnerships with prestigious log home builders and suppliers in British Columbia to provide our clients with the absolute best log building materials from across the country.

Growing by nearly 300% every year, Daniel Albert and Coyote Log Homes shows no signs of slowing down as we continue to provide custom-built handcrafted log homes and log cabins for sale across Ontario, Canada, the United States, and the entire world.

“I think where my passion comes from is seeing the happiness of my clients,” says Daniel. “When we set up that home and they’re blown away by it, that’s what really drives me.”